Bienvenu Bonnecaze understands that the legislative and political process can have significant legal implications for our clients.   We actively monitor legislative activity for issues that may affect our clients.   Our attorneys have testified before committees of the Louisiana legislature on issues that we believe could adversely affect the rights and interests of our clients.

Representative experience:

  • Testifying before the Louisiana House of Representatives Civil Law and Procedure Committee on behalf of the oil and gas industry in opposition to HB862, which sought to legislatively overrule the cases of Eagle Pipe and Supply, Inc. v. Amerada Hess Corp., 2011 WL 5865523, 2010-2267 (La. 2011), and Prados v. South Central Bell Tel. Co., 329 So.2d 744 (La. 1975). In Eagle Pipe, the Louisiana Supreme Court definitively affirmed the “Subsequent Purchaser Rule” in holding that, absent a specific assignment of the personal right to recover for property damage that preceded the sale, a subsequent purchaser does not have a right of action in tort for property damages.   
  • Testifying before the Louisiana House of Representatives Commerce Committee in opposition to legislation that sought to invalidate indemnity agreements in construction and maintenance contracts, including reciprocal indemnity agreements.