Labor & Employment Law

In today's dynamic and ever-changing workplace, businesses face a myriad of complex labor and employment law challenges. Bienvenu, Foco & Viator, LLC is a full-service law firm committed to providing comprehensive legal counsel to employers in all aspects of labor and employment law. Our team of experienced attorneys guides employers through the intricacies of this ever-evolving legal landscape, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws while protecting their business interests.

Our firm of talented attorneys have years of experience in handling litigation and transactional aspects of labor and employment law claims, including employment discrimination and harassment, wage and hour law, hiring and termination, employee discipline and leaves of absence, and labor relations and collective bargaining.

Our attorneys have successfully defended employers of all sizes in discrimination and harassment claims, including those based on race, gender, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation.  Our team of creative and diverse advocates meticulously analyze claims to develop strategies and defenses that ensure the best result for the client. Our firm guides employers through the hiring process, from drafting job descriptions and conducting background checks to ensuring compliance with anti-discrimination laws. Our team also advises employers on termination decisions, severance agreements, and non-compete agreements.

In addition to helping clients navigate the complexities of labor and employment litigation, our team of experienced attorneys know that changing legal landscape and time-sensitive issues arise, and we take a proactive approach in prioritizing our clients’ needs and legal compliance. Our attorneys conduct thorough reviews of employment handbooks and policies to ensure they comply with federal and state laws. Our team of attorneys also conduct investigations and draft and implement policies and training programs to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  Our team of dedicated attorneys help employers develop and implement effective employee discipline policies and procedures, and advise employers on leaves of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other applicable laws.  We also assist employers in complying with complex wage and hour laws, ensuring proper classification of employees, overtime pay calculations, and recordkeeping practices.

Bienvenu, Foco & Viator, LLC understands that a strong and compliant workforce is essential for business success. Our team of attorneys is dedicated to providing employers with the proactive legal counsel and strategic guidance they need to navigate the complexities of labor and employment law. Our goal is to help employers minimize legal risks, maintain a productive and compliant workplace, and achieve their business objectives.

Representative Experience

  • Obtained a favorable settlement for an industrial employer in a discrimination lawsuit alleging race, disability, and age discrimination.  By strategically obtaining critical admissions from the plaintiff in discovery and utilizing those admissions in drafting a persuasive summary judgment motion, our team of attorneys was able to leverage a favorable settlement result for the client.
  • Obtained temporary restraining order against former employee of industrial client to ensure workplace safety, enjoining former employee from returning to the employers' premises.
  • Reviewed and revised an employer’s handbook and policies to ensure compliance with all pertinent laws regarding medical marijuana in the workplace, including hiring and termination policies, employee discipline policies, drug testing, and medical privacy policies.
  • Assisted client in obtaining injunctive relief against former employee following his assault of a co-employee on the client’s premises.
  • Drafted and updated employee handbooks and HR policies on behalf of clients covering a myriad of areas, including, but not limited to privacy policies, BYOD policies, HIPAA compliance, wage and hour, diversity, and industry specific sections relevant to the healthcare, energy, telecom, and biohazard remediation industries.