Real Estate and Right of Way Litigation

Bienvenu, Foco & Viator, LLC has years of experience in real estate litigation including both trial and appellate experience on issues such as acquisitive prescription, boundary disputes, trespass, right of way disputes, pipeline servitude issues, encroachments and legal servitudes.  Our attorneys have represented developers, investors and companies in dealing with the complex issues that arise with ownership and leasing of immovable property.

Representative experience:

  • Participation as co-lead counsel for pipeline client in pipeline right of way litigation brought by landowner including management of horizontal directional drilling issues, servitude interpretation, boundary dispute issues, pipeline trench construction, pipeline survey issues, and alleged damage issues.
  • Representing a Fortune 50 client in an eviction proceeding and petitory action brought to the adjoining landowner who asserted claims of ownership based on principles of acquisitive prescription or squatter’s rights.